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We fear what we don’t know

Often times I catch myself not agreeing with someone because whatever reason. When I look inside myself, what I find myself really doing is just not liking them because they’re different. Differences are something we fear naturally. We gravitate to people we are similar to with similar thinking. If we […]

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Vaccinate your kids!

This clip that Jimmy Kimmel did is funny but seriously true. This role trend started because some guy postulated that vaccinations may cause autism. This has been debunked in so many studies but people took up arms about it including a few celebrities and now it’s a stupid dangerous fad. […]

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The craziness of working a Japanese schedule but living in America

I work at GoDaddy.com and have the fun job of using my mission language, Japanese, as part of my Job. So my work schedule is that I work Japan’s 9-5… which is Arizona’s 5pm-1AM. So when most of you are winding down your day I’m just starting. I’ve worked out […]

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My family

This is me, Nik Berry, and my beautiful wife Dawna on our trip to Japan. This was taken inside a subway in Kyoto, Japan. We recently went there on our second honeymoon.Read more

Anki… in a word: Awesome!

I for a while have been using a program called Anki. I have been on and off with my dedication to it but it is really cool when I am using it like I should. The program is what’s called an “SRS”. SRS means spaced repetition system. It’s essentially a […]

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