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We fear what we don’t know

Often times I catch myself not agreeing with someone because whatever reason. When I look inside myself, what I find myself really doing is just not liking them because they’re different. Differences are something we fear naturally. We gravitate to people we are similar to with similar thinking. If we […]

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Path to Ninja Warrior

So a few years ago I got into watching this show called American Ninja Warrior. It essentially is an INTENSE obstacle course based on a show from Japan (all awesome shows come from Japan!) and from the first episode I was hooked. At first it was fun to watch the […]

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Another New Year's Resolution

I have done it for years on end since coming home from Japan but I really want to master the language. It’s hard not living in Japan to try and master Japanese but from a lot of blogs out there (ajatt.com in particular) opinions’… it’s possible. So I’m going to […]

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Working out the details of Working out

So it’s been a decade since I graduated high school and that decade hasn’t been kind to my midsection. I wasn’t an Adonis but was fit enough where my belly didn’t hang over my belt when I sat down. I’m not saying I’m a lardo now but… we can all […]

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