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I'm a Mormon

I'm a Mormon

I’m a Mormon. I’ve been one for nearly two decades following the conversion of my father. I have learned a lot in these years that have blessed my life and changed it for the better.


My sweet wife pointed out something to me that I knew but made me take a step back and think about. There are a lot of evangelical Christians out there who are all about sharing about Christ and how he has blessed their life and it’s just who they are and what they do. There are so many of them that share on facebook and just thank God publicly for so much and do it in a unashamed, unoffensive way.I love listening to Dave Ramsey’s show and he will come back from commercial with a scripture and sign off from his show with the reminder that the only way to find peace is to walk daily with Christ, Jesus. I love hearing these acclamations of faith. They inspire me and I’m sure many others regardless of what denomination they prefer.


The thing she pointed out and that struck me is that Mormons generally don’t share like this. There are the few ‘super members’ who just are talking about it non-stop and carrying around pamphlets to invite people to ‘such and such’. The thing is that even some of us look down on them as being ‘peter priesthood’ or ‘molly mormon’ and that they are just trying to make themselves look better than everybody else. I don’t know where the disconnect between looking up to the evangelicals for being inspiring and looking down on the proactive Mormons lies. I thought about it and started to think under the typical excuses and stereotypes that have been fed to me  by others and myself ever since I became active. “Nobody will be interested in it so you might as well just hide it”, “If people find out you’re Mormon they’re going to look a you differently and think they can’t be around you”, “People think you’re not a Christian”, “People will look at you like those ‘peter priesthoods’ and get irritated”, etc., etc., etc.


There are a few out there that are told that or might believe those but why should I think that? I know what I believe. I love what I believe. Why don’t I live it EVERDAY like the Dave Ramsey’s or the random people on facebook? Why shouldn’t I just share how much God has blessed me in an unashamed way and let people know how much I love and appreciate Christ.


The fact of the matter is that I am truly blessed. I became and active member with the Mormon church (actual name is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) when I was around 12. It’s a very crucial time in every young mans life and I feel that it saved me from all sorts of evil that could otherwise have entered my life. Because of my activity I found a beautiful wife, had 3 wonderful children, and have the whole way been led by God each time towards a better and better life. I had the opportunity to go out to the other side of the world and share my shaky but sure testimony every day with the wonderful people of Japan. It was there I found myself and built a relationship with my Savior. I love my Lord, Jesus Christ, and all he does for me. I am such an imperfect person but when I rely on him he lifts me up and strengthens me.


I am a Mormon. I made this decision fully on my own and was not just born into it, fell into it, or ‘brainwashed into it’ like some people crazily claim. I searched the words of the Book of Mormon and felt its truth. I knelt and asked God in honest prayer if it was true and he has answered my prayers repeatedly. I believe in it all wholeheartedly. I am an imperfect man and often get caught up in my day-to-day life but I’m constantly reminded of the tender mercies of the Lord. I may falter but he never does. Just like that story talks about walking with Christ on the beach… I can look back on my life and see countless times that there is only one set of footprints where he has carried me.


I have been remiss in sharing more about this wonderful part of my life and I’m repenting of that now. We as Mormons are blessed with something so great and yet we fear the judgements of others. I intend to never let that stop me again. I’ve written before about how I’m working right now to get over years of neglect that I’ve allowed my body to endure and try to get back to a physical level that would allow me to compete with some of the top athletes out there. What I also need to do is make sure that my spritual level is strong as well. President Hinkley has said “Faith is like the muscle of my arm. If I use it, if I nurture it, it will grow strong. If I put it in a sling and leave it there, it will grow weak.” That is so true. I worked out my faith everyday while in Japan. I became very strong. I’ve since come home and allowed other priorities to take over and have ‘put it in a sling.’ The occasional stretch I do when I share on Sunday or having these talks with my wife or others are not going to help me be strong again. I need to be the kind of Mormon that would make me and my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ proud. So in light of this I will be posting more often about my faith as well.


If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear then. Keep in mind I don’t plan to have a fight with anyone because contention is of the devil but I would love to have discussion. I would love to clarify some of the obvious urban myths about the Mormon faith that is getting circulated around (as best I can at least). I would love to here from other members on their successes with sharing to not only inspire me and inspire others.

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