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The craziness of working a Japanese schedule but living in America

I work at GoDaddy.com and have the fun job of using my mission language, Japanese, as part of my Job. So my work schedule is that I work Japan’s 9-5… which is Arizona’s 5pm-1AM. So when most of you are winding down your day I’m just starting.

I’ve worked out a routine that works pretty good but during he weekends… like now… I have the unfortunate side effect of not being able to shut my brain off at midnight. I try but it just is thinking of the billion things I could be doing.

I used to work a 10pm-6am shift which was even crazier because during the week I was sleeping from 9am-5pm. On the weekends I tried to just switch back to a normal shift but it was wreaking all sorts of havoc on my system. To be honest I wish sometimes I was an insomniac so that I could just get so much more done. I am able to clean, study, blog, code, and all sorts of other things when I get home from work that I just can’t after I wake up because I have three kids. I love them to death but I can’t sit in my office and work because there is so much that they need. I wouldn’t change my life in anyway.. I’m just saying life would be so much simpler if I didn’t have to shut off for 5-8 hours each night. Heck my computer and laptop can run for weeks before they need to be restarted.

Welp… guess I better head off to bed to continue to waste that third of my life… eating spiders (just messing)… so I can better enjoy the other two thirds of my life.

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