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Working out the details of Working out

So it’s been a decade since I graduated high school and that decade hasn’t been kind to my midsection. I wasn’t an Adonis but was fit enough where my belly didn’t hang over my belt when I sat down. I’m not saying I’m a lardo now but… we can all stand to be in a bit better shape right?

So this year like the droves of people I signed up for the gym around the corner and started working out. Unlike previous years and the some odd 80+% of people who join gyms at new years… it’s mid  February and I’m still working out.

The key to my success so far is working my way back into it slowly. I tried at about the 5 year mark after high school to just jump back into what I was used to being a lineman and heavy weight wrestling and thought I could squat 300 lbs after not having done squats in 5 years and after 5 reps I almost passed out and had an aneurism. That put a sour taste in my mouth and I didn’t go much after that. So, to combat that I recognize I’m not my high school self so I picked a nice easy full body workout spaced out on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I do a mile on the treadmill then do Arms and Chest on Monday, Back and Shoulders on Wednesday and Friday is the dreaded leg day. I started painfully slow. I did only like 10-15 lbs and 2 sets of high reps. My muscles ached like crazy that first week but it wasn’t unbearable like previous attempts in years past that discouraged me from going again. The following week I increased a set. The following week I increased the weight, then some more the next week.

The thing is just showing up and then competing with your previous average. I just need to make myself show up those three days and do a little jogging and then do some reps. I know what I did the previous week and I just try and do a bit more reps or weight than last time and I’ll be constantly progressing.

The Rock is the friggin bomb and my hero

What I know won’t work (at least for me but I do talk to others who are still lardos too) is home workouts… at least until you developed a consistent habit of working out at a gym or park or someplace else that isn’t associated in your brain as “comfortable”. It’s SO hard to get motivated to workout in your living room when you could just sit on your couch instead. My wife and I had the thought we could do p90x on our own and without the dedication of committing to gym routine first. We’ve started and stopped a dozen times going a week or two each time.

After a few weeks I’m still a lardo but I’m a lardo that doesn’t get winded walking up the stairs at work now. Weight loss and definition will come with time and consistency.

I hope you all are sticking with your workout plans and if not just start slow and work from there. Just do what I did and focus on showing up!

For those interested in the workout I’m doing I found this one on imgur and I really like it. The website is really good too. For the workouts I wasn’t familiar with the name or didn’t know period they have a link to a guy doing the workout as an example.


Enjoy: http://www.muscleandstrength.com/workouts/24-doug—s-5-day-high-definition-routine.html

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