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Website Ideas

I’ve had an idea for a few different websites, more for personal use than anything, but I could share with other people too if I get it built up a bit. A common issue me and my wife have is that we have no idea what to make from what we have so we just keep going and buying the same ingredients but we never use up the cans of stuff we have. So idea one that I have is that I make a database searching system for recipes based off of ingredients. A quick search on google and I found www.supercook.com which already has it setup but I want to make my own to do other stuff too. I may end up using them to find recipes to add to  my own collection but be able to use recipe.com and cookbooks to add to my own thing.

Now that I’m learning PHP, Mysql, and JQuery it is a good goal for doing something so I can really try and put to use what I’m learning. To be able to catalog what we have, build a repository of recipes and just be able to a quick little tool to pull up a laptop and just enter a few things we’re interesting in eating/getting rid off off our shelves would be awesome.

I’ll keep posted on the progress of that one.

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