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Learning how to code

I think one of the most fun things to do is to learn how to code. There is so much we do on computers nowadays that not learning how to code just leaves you in t he technology dust. I learned a lot of coding since coming to work at GoDaddy. Before I worked there I only knew some really basic thins to do in Excel Visual Basics to automate some of my stuff I would do as part of my job. At GoDaddy I learned HTML really quickly and from there have dabbled in a few things here and there.

Since WordPress does most of the heavy lifting I’ve never had the NEED to learn PHP and Mysql and with just a few tweeks of CSS only needed I never really needed to know more than what I could google or use firebug to mess around with.

Right now though I am taking a semester off to help with my family and really want to dive into learning it. I’ve gotten just about every tutorial and pdf I could find on learning it and have learned some really fun stuff. There is so much you can do with coding that is just awesome. I have automated a lot of things I do at work as a result of coding and become much more efficient at what I do.


From there I really want to get into software programming and learn C++, C#, Java, etc and then there isn’t anything I can’t do on a computer.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for me hit me up on the contact page. If you think it would benefit others, leave a comment.

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